Rehab 413 Gold, the new classic

The Rehab 413 Gold is the reinterpretation of the very first timepices designed by FOB PARIS designers, and now true signature of the brand, the Rehab 50 Gold.

When designing the Rehab 413, the designers wanted to keep the codes, the evocations, the essence of the pocket watch, but breaking away from the iconic object, to create a genuine wristwatch. Not an adaptation of the pocket watch on a strap, but its true counterpart.

They achieved to propose this new model in working, as for all their designs, around the concept of interconnection of eras. Evolve between the ages. Extract the timeless of each era. This is the guideline followed for the design of the Rehab 413.

A design simple at first sight, with its round shaped case, carefully sized with a 41.3mm diameter, the complexity of the watch appears from its multiple details.
The retro-inspired logs, brought face to face with the definitively modern facets of the case, reinforced by the minute index turbines, carved in a single piece of metal, and by the decentered four slopes cut hands.

Allusion to the Rehab 50, diamond crown is set at 12h. The opening on the partially-smoked glass dial is also a tribute to the pocket watch and to the shape of its open-heart.

As all FOB PARIS watches, the Rehab 413 are hand assembled in the Becançon (France) workshops. They are fitted with automatic movements, and equipped with a sapphir glass.

More technical features here.


French Watch Rehab 413 gold single - Fob Paris