Rehab 360 Gold, a delicate vision of time

The Rehab 360 Gold offers a new interpretation of FOB PARIS codes: the everlasting black and gold.  A chromatic tandem that rings as a tribute to past, a particular bond to traditions and to timelessness.

The thick stainless steel case of this mechanical piece of jewellery balances with the triple wrap leather delicacy and the graceful femininity that belongs to the automatic skeleton movement. Rehab 306 Gold is more than a simple timepiece, it a true sophistication testimony, a time travel anchor in modernity.

Leather brought together with the stainless steel gives the Rehab 360 Gold an noticeable strength and presence.

As every FOB PARIS watches, Rebah 360 Gold are hand assembled in the Becançon (France) workshops. They are fitted with automatic movements, and equipped with a sapphir glass. A unique guarantee of quality.

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French Watch Rehab 360 Gold triple