FOB PARIS is a French watchmaking studio, that conceives each piece of its collections as a creation.

FOB PARIS designers draw their inspiration from both techniques and aesthetics, from the past and from their fascination for the future, to create pieces that are not only watches, but pieces of jewelry; that do not only give time, but a physical representation of time.

The brand was created in 2012 by three close friends, engineers by training, who found in watchmaking the perfect mean to combine their passion for creation and their love for technique.

For women and men, all FOB PARIS watches are fitted with automatic movements, assembled in France, and share the same aesthetics, mechanical, geometrical and sophisticated, inspired by a modern reinterpretation of the pocket watch.


[photography : Ojoz]





We consider time as a room for liberty, a possibility to move into.
An opportunity to explore. Discover.

Time is not a line. Time is a dimension throughout which we travel.
The line is only a mathematical abstraction.

We are neither living in the past, present or future.
The past inspires, nourishes. And the future fascinates.

We are living in that right intersection.
There. Everywhere. At every moment.

We believe in a kind of watch that does not only give time,
but a physical representation of time.
Pieces of jewelry that do not belong to a period,
but reflect the complexity of time.